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ART OF THE ORIENT 2023, Vol. 12

ART OF THE ORIENT 2023, Vol. 12

Vol. 12, 2023 – Buddhist  Art

Pod redakcją Bogny Łakomskiej

CONTENS: Introduction; JADWIGA PSTRUSIŃSKA, I Stood on the Buddha’s Head in Bamiyan; BOGNA ŁAKOMSKA, Bodhisattvas in Animal Forms. The Importance of Calendrical twelve Bodhisattvas; MAREK PISZCZEK, Numinous Buffalo. A Forgotten Chinese Pictorial Motif; AMELIA MACIOSZEK, Two Buddhist figures – An Interesting Case from the Museum of Lubuskie Region in Zielona Góra; PATRICK FELIX KRÜGER & KNUT MARTIN STÜNKEL, Works of Art as Model Forms in the Contact of Religions. Glimpses from Japan, China and India; MAGDALENA FURMANIK-KOWALSKA, Cultural Tradition or Kitsch? Buddhist Iconography in the Art of Contemporary East Asian Women Artists; MAGDALENA KOZAR, Eyes as the Window to the Soul – a Presentation of the Gyokugan (玉眼) Technique Based on Experiences at the the Meikodo Buddhist Sculpture Conservation Studio in Tokyo; KATARZYNA ZAPOLSKA, Buddhist Motifs in Chinese Textile Decorations at the End of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911).


Polish Institute of World Art Studies & Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2023   ISSN 2299-811-X (176 s.)